Nereus III: Definiteness, Specificity and Animacy in Ibero-Romance languages

International workshop at the Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid), October 6th / 7th 2006


Manuel Leonetti

Universidad de Alcala
Departamento de Filologia
Facultad de Filosofia y Letras
c/ Trinidad, 5
28801 Alcala de Henares / Madrid, Spain



Download Programme: |Download|


Eguren, Luis & Sánchez, Cristina. Extensional and intensional vagueness: the grammar of Spanish cierto |Download abstract|

Escandell-Vidal, Victoria. Topics from Ibiza: DOM and CL-D |Download abstract|

Espinal, M. Teresa and McNally, Louise. Bare singular nominals and incorporating verbs |Download abstract|

Fischer, Susann. Diachronic perspective of DOM in Catalana |Download abstract|

García, Marco García. Differential Object Marking with Inanimate Direct Objects |Download abstract|

von Heusinger, Klaus / Kaiser, Georg A. Differential object marking in Spanish. Diachronic development in triggering conditions. |Download abstract|

Jacob, Daniel. DOM in Spanish: Functional/Structural Background and Diachronic Evidence |Download abstract|

Leonetti, Manuel. Clitics do not encode specificity |Download abstract|

Pomino, Natascha & Stark, Elisabeth. From gender to word class markers: the case of Spanish "neuter" forms |Download abstract|