CADiM - First Cologne Ankara Discourse Meeting

9. Juni, 2016

Universität zu Köln - Pohligstraße 1, Konferenzraum 0.12

The International Workshop ‘First Cologne Ankara Discourse Meeting (CADiM)’ will take place at the University of Cologne (Germany), June 9 2016. It is organized by Klaus von Heusinger (Universität zu Köln) and Umut Özge (Middle East Technical University, Ankara).

Our workshop is concerned with various issues on discourse-pragmatic functions and properties of various structures and their use in Turkish discourse. Our workshop aims to provide a platform for in-depth discussions based on oral presentations on recent study designs, experimental tools, research ideas, and findings. Another goal of our workshop is to provide the researchers in Germany and Turkey with the chance to collaborate and to produce joint work.


Klaus von Heusinger (Köln, Germany) and Umut Özge (Ankara, Turkey)


Programm als PDF

9.00-10.00Elyesa Uzun: Discourse Transparency of Bare Nouns in Turkish – An Experimental Investigation
10.00Coffee break
10.15-11.15Gökben Konuk: Pronoun Resolution and Psych Verbs in Turkish
11.15Coffee break
11.30-12.30Frederike Weeber: Planning Paragraph Continuations – An Experimental Design
12.30Coffee break
13.00-14.00Klaus von Heusinger & Umut Özge: Inferable Indefinites in Discourse – An Empirical Investigation