Workshop “Reference Tracking in Discourse”

Andreas Brocher & Klaus von Heusinger, Universität zu Köln

University of Cologne, Institute of German Linguistics, Institute of German Linguistics and Literature I,

Thursday 10/15 – Saturday 10/17, Philosophikum

Successful tracking of referents in discourse is fundamental for speakers and hearers to arrive at a mutually accessible mental model. It is therefore not surprising that a vast number of theoretical and experimental studies have dealt with reference tracking in discourse. This workshop brings together scholars from various fields of linguistic and psycholinguistic research and aims at presenting and discussing novel theoretical and empirical data and tying it in with the existing literature.

Thursday, 10/15

Time Title Presenter Room
14:00-16:00 Towards a two-stage model of the comprehension of definite and indefinite noun phrases Andreas Brocher, Klaus von Heusinger, & Sofiana Lindemann Philosophikum, 2.006
16:00-18:00 The Role of accent types in referent tracking Stefan Baumann & Klaus von Heusinger Philosophikum, 2.006

Friday, 10/16

Time Title Presenter Room
10:00-12:00 Discourse function of optional verb number marking Elif Bamyaci Philosophikum, 2.006
12:00-14:00 lunch and visit of lab XLinc laboratory
14:00-16:00 Predictability and planning in reference production Jennifer Arnold Philosophikum, 2.006
16:00-18:00 The distribution of er and der in child language Jacopo Torregrossa Philosophikum, 2.006

Saturday, 10/17

Time Title Presenter Room
10:00-10:45 Pseudo-incorporation and discourse transparency in Turkish Elyesa Uzun Philosophikum, 2.006
10:45-11:30 Information status and activation of discourse referents Ramona Wallner Philosophikum, 2.006
11:30-13:30 Prominence and discourse coherence Katja Jasinskaja & Klaus von Heusinger Philosophikum, 2.006