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Sinn und Bedeutung 13

Call for papers



20:00 Warming up in the Rote Kapelle
(see map for location)


10:00 Words of Welcome (K2 basement, room 17.02)
  INVITED TALK (room 17.02):
10:15 Chair: Hans Kamp
Alex Lascarides (University of Edinburgh):
A Dynamic Semantics of Dialogue
11:45 break (9th floor)
  Session 1 (room 11.32, 3rd floor)
Chair: Hans Kamp
Session 2 (room 11.42, 4th floor)
Chair: Ede Zimmermann
Session 3 (room 11.91, 9th floor)
Chair: Claudia Maienborn
12:05-12:50 Matthew Berends and Stefan Kaufmann (Northwestern University)
Only and Monotonicity in Conditionals
Francesca Delogu (University of Trento)
Intensionality in Sentence Processing and Anaphora Resolution
Antje Roßdeutscher (University of Stuttgart)
German her, hin, hin- und her and herum. Meaning and Justification of Direction and Change of Direction in Perceptual Space
12:50 lunch break
14:00-14:45 Christina Kim, Christine Gunlogson, Michael Tanenhaus and Jeffrey Runner (University of Rochester)
Focus Alternatives and Contextual Domain Restriction: a Visual World Eyetracking Study on the Interpretation of Only
Ernesto Perini-Santos (Federal University of Minas Gerais)
De distinctione de re/de dicto
Mingya Liu (University of Tübingen)
Speaker-oriented Adverbs of the German -wise Sort
14:50-15:35 Katja Jasinskaja (University of Stuttgart) and Henk Zeevat (University of Amsterdam)
Contrast in Russian and English
Martin Hackl, Jorie Koster-Moeller and Andrea Gottstein (Pomona College)
Processing Opacity
Galit Sassoon (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)
Three Sources of Vagueness in Degree Constructions
15:35 break (9th floor)
  Chair: Arndt Riester Chair: Rainer Bäuerle Chair: Gerhard Jäger
16:00-16:45 Ai Matsui (Michigan State University)
Constructing Concessive Conditionals
Jacopo Romoli (Harvard University) and Yasutada Sudo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
De re/de dicto Ambiguity and Presupposition Projection
Rick Nouwen (Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS)
Two Kinds of Modified Numerals
16:50-17:35 Beata Gyuris (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Sentences Types, Discourse Particles and Intonation in Hungarian
Corien Bary (Radboud University Nijmegen) and Emar Maier (University of Amsterdam)
Anaphoricity versus de se Interpretation. The Case of Backward Shifted Past
Manfred Krifka (Humboldt University of Berlin)
Constructing and Counting Ephemeral Elements
17:45 Business Meeting
19:30 Reception in Stuttgart's town hall
(see map for location)


  INVITED TALK (K2 basement, room 17.02):
9:30 Chair: Klaus von Heusinger
Claudia Maienborn (Universität Tübingen):
Building resultative properties: On the interpretation of adjectival passives
11:00 break (9th floor)
  Session 1 (room 11.32, 3rd floor)
Chair: Stefan Kaufmann
Session 2 (room 11.42, 4th floor)
Chair: Jacques Jayez
Session 3 (room 11.91, 9th floor)
Chair: Antje Rossdeutscher
11:20-12:05 Tyler Peterson (University of British Columbia)
The Ordering Source and Graded Modality in Gitksan Epistemic Modals
Márta Abrusán (Institut Jean Nicod, ENS)
On wh-Islands
Sebastian Bücking (University of Tübingen)
Modifying Event Nominals: Syntactic Surface Meets Semantic Transparency
12:10-12:55 Janneke Huitink (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Partial Semantics for Iterated If-clauses
Laia Mayol (University of Pennsylvania) and Elena Castroviejo (University of Frankfurt)
A Non-Exclamative Account of Catalan Déu n'hi do!
Sergei Tatevosov (Moscow State University)
Aspectual Composition in Structurally Deficient Clauses
12:55 lunch break
  Chair: Cornelia Ebert Chair: Rick Rouwen Chair: Manfred Krifka
14:00-14:45 Sophie Repp (Humboldt University of Berlin)
Discourse Topics and Corrections
Magdalena Schwager (University of Frankfurt)
What is Amazement all about?
Yusuke Kubota, Jungmee Lee, Anastasia Smirnova and Judith Tonhauser (Ohio State University)
The Cross-Linguistic Interpretation of Embedded Tenses
14:50-15:35 Luisa Martí (University of Tromsø) and Klaus Abels (University College London)
All Split Scope is not Alike
Jacques Jayez (ENS-LSH and L2C2,CNRS) and Mathilde Dargnat (LPL, CNRS)
One more Step and You Will Get Pseudo-imperatives Right
Judith Tonhauser (Ohio State University)
Evidence for Future Tense in Paraguayan Guarani
15:35 break (9th floor)
16:00-16:45 Bert Le Bruyn (Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS)
Spanish unos and the Article Hypothesis
Luka Crnic and Tue Trinh (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Remarks on Embedded Imperatives
Gerhard Schaden (LLF, CNRS) and Lucia Tovena (University Paris 7)
The Semantics of the Focus and Temporal Particle Gerade
  INVITED TALK (K2 basement, room 17.02):
16:50 Chair: Hans Kamp
Lauri Karttunen (Palo Alto Research Center / Stanford University):
Computing Textual Inferences
19:30 Conference dinner at the Murrhardter Hof
(see map for location)


  Session 1 (room 11.32, 3rd floor)
Chair: Anastasia Giannakidou
Session 2 (room 11.42, 4th floor)
Chair: Klaus von Heusinger
Session 3 (room 11.91, 9th floor)
Chair: Edgar Onea
9:30-10:15 Kerstin Schwabe (ZAS Berlin) and Robert Fittler (Free University of Berlin)
On the Semantic Influence of Correlates
Gregory Bochner (Université libre de Bruxelles)
Three Dimensional Semantics
Sveta Krasikova (University of Tübingen)
Comparison Based on POS
10:20-11:05 Regine Eckardt (University of Göttingen)
Strong Negative Polarity Items in Pragmatic Accounts of Licensing
Emar Maier (University of Amsterdam)
Iterated de re: A New Puzzle for the Relational Report Semantics
Stefan Hofstetter (University of Tübingen)
Comparison in Turkish: A Rediscovery of the Phrasal Comparative
11:05 break (9th floor)
  Chair: Henk Zeevat Chair: Fritz Hamm Chair: Emar Maier
11:35-12:20 Manfred Sailer (University of Göttingen)
On Reading Dependent Licensing of Strong NPIs
Floris Roelofsen (University of Amsterdam)
Free Variable Economy
Carla Umbach (University of Osnabrück)
Comparatives Combined with Additive Particles
12:20 lunch break
13:45-14:30 Matthias Irmer (University of Leipzig)
Bridging Reference to Eventualities
Raj Singh (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
"Maximise Presupposition!" as Blind, Local Blocking
Anastasia Giannakidou and Suwon Yoon (University of Chicago)
Metalinguistic Functions and the Expressive Dimension: Expressive Comparatives in Greek and Korean
  INVITED TALK (K2 basement, room 17.02):
14:35 52 97 51 92 Chair: Klaus von Heusinger
Gerhard Jäger (Universität Bielefeld)
Pragmatic rationalizability

The program of the conference is also available as a PDF document.