Workshop 10

Information Structure and
the Referential Status of
Linguistic Expressions

as part of the 23th annual meeting of the
Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft
in Leipzig from 28.2. to 2.3.2001.

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Sentence Type and Specificity

March, 5/6 at the ZAS in Berlin


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Klaus von Heusinger

Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaft
Universität Konstanz
Fach D 185
78457 Konstanz

tel: ++49 - 7531 - 88-3028
fax: ++49 - 7531 - 88 -2741

Kerstin Schwabe

Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft
Jägerstraße 10/11
10117 Berlin

tel: ++49 - 30 - 20192410
fax: ++49 - 30 - 20192312

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Information structure has been of great interest for some time. In recent theories, information structure is investigated with respect to its relation to intonation, its role in the interpretation of focus particles, or its impact on establishing ellipsis. However, there are very few approaches that focus on the effect of information structure on the referential status of linguistic expressions.

The Workshop intends to discuss the relation between information structure and the referential properties of two prominent linguistic units: indefinite NPs and clauses. On the one hand, we intend to discuss the interpretation of indefinite NPs with respect to the information structure, on the other hand, we want to investigate the connection between information structure and sentence mood.

Specific areas of inquiry include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. What is the impact of linguistic context on the interpretation of indefinite NPs?
  2. How are indefinites interpreted in contrastive focus, presentational focus or background as well as in topic or comment?
  3. To what extend does the interpretation of an indefinite depend on the sentence mood of the sentence it is embedded in? (Cf. 'Have you seen a dog? *Yes, I've fed it. vs. Peter has seen a dog. He has fed it.)
  4. How does information structure syntactically and semantically interact with sentence mood?
  5. Are there any pieces of evidence for the assumption that information structure may determine the referential status of a sentence?
  6. How do discourse relations determine the sentence types and thus the referential status of the respective sentence?

The objective of the workshop is to integrate syntactic investigations on the field of sentence mood with semantic approaches towards the interpretation of indefinite NPs in the light of information structure and hopes thus to gain synergetically new insights.

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Invited Speakers

Asher, Nicolas Anchoring uses of Definites and Coordination
[ Abstract ]
Borschev, Vladimir & Partee, Barbara Negated Existential Sentences and Information Structure in Russian [ Abstract ]
Kamp, Hans Anchored Representations and Indefinite NPs
[ Abstract ]
Lenerz, Jürgen Referenz und Scrambling
[ Abstract ]
Portner, Paul Topicality and the Interpretation of Indefinites
[ Abstract ]
Steube, Anita Artikel und Informationsstruktur
[ Abstract ]

Workshop papers

Büring, Daniel
What do indefinites do that definites definitely don't [ Abstract ]
Breul, Carsten
Focus Structure and the referential status of indefinite quantificational expressions [ Abstract ]
Brun, Diana
Information Structure and the Status of NP in Russian [ Abstract ]
Quiben Moreno, Norberto & Jimenez Perez, Isabel
Information Structure and Logical Form: Backgrounded Bare Plural Noun Phrases in Spanish [ Abstract ]
Reich, Ingo
Frage/Antwort-Kongruenz und die Semantik von w-Phrasen [
Abstract ]
Asher, Nicolas
Deictically and anaphorically anchoerde presuppositions of definites [ Abstract ]
Portner, Paul
Topicality and (non-)specificity in Mandarin [
Abstract ]

Kamp, Hans
Anchored Representations and indefinite NPs
[ Abstract ]
Steube, Anita Artikel und Informationsstruktur [ Abstract ]
Lohnstein, Horst
Satzstruktur und Referenz [ Abstract ]
Stark, Elisabeth
Spezifizität und Informationsstruktur - lexikalische Differenzierungen im Bereich der Indefinitheit (im Altitalienischen)
[ Abstract ]
Umbach, Carla
Zum Zusammenhang von Informationsstruktur und Referenz von Nominalphrase
[ Abstract ]

d'Avis, Franz
Über die Interpretation gewisser w-Phrasen in exklamativen Kontexten
[ Abstract ]
Fabricius-Hansen, Cathrine
Modale Subordination und Informationsstruktur aus Übersetzungsperspektive
[ Abstract ]
Gaertner, Hans-Martin On the force of V2 declaratives [ Abstract ]
Hegarty, Michael &Gundel, Jeannette & Borthen, Kaja
Information Structure and the Accessibility of Clausally Introduced Referents [ Abstract ]
Borschev, Vladimir & Partee, Barbara
Negated Existential Sentences and Information Structure in Russian [ Abstract ]
Lenerz, Jürgen
Referenz und scrambling
[ Abstract ]

Reserve list

Name Title
Endriss, Cornelia &
Haida, Andreas
Wide Scope Interpretation and Specificity
[ Abstract ]
Frey, Werner Indefinite und ihre Plazierung im Mittelfeld
[ Abstract ]
van Hoof, Hanneke About the Referential Status of Split DPs
[ Abstract ]
Lechene-Chardon, Emmanuelle Intonational Status of Subjunctive Interrogative Clauses in Modern French
[ Abstract ]
Pafel, Jürgen Satztyp und kommunikative Intention
[ Abstract ]

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